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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Thanks to Joe Lonstein, who I am sure has correctly identified Otto BOCK the
recipient of probably the last postcard little Willi wrote before his death:

Search for the section entitled "The Aid was No Rescue" in this text:

Is Roserl mentioned in the postcard Rosi COHEN nee BOCK? I cannot find Rosi
Cohen listed as a victim - we know she was on the same transport as Willi and
"Mutti" Gertrude and little brother Bereg? I will search through the KOHN and
COHN as well.

And how did Otto BOCK survive? Was he a member of the Judenrat?* Was his wife
Hilde non-Jewish? I have found one Otto BOCK in the 1933 phonebook of Vienna
Clavier und Lastentransport Stolzenthalergasse 21, Vienna VIII? Is that our
Otto? There is an Otto BOCK [with umlaut] who has an asset file [dob 9. Sept

There is no Otto BOCK buried in the ZentralFriedhof Tor 1 or IV but there are
two Otto BOCK buried in other Vienna cemeteries - Hernals [19 April 1973] and
Meidling [31 March 1945], but neither is accompanied by Hilde. It should be
possible to follow them all up in the archives to solve this mystery.

How his collection of postcards [probably 100 or more - equivalent to the
number of parcels he sent] came to be on ebay is another question. These cards

are of greater value than their despised stamps - they are personal
testimonials, and I feel they should be treated as such.

Celia Male [U.K.]

Footnote: I have written bafore about cards on the same auction site sent from
Theresienstadt to Erich & Gret[h]e BREUER in Vienna; Their address is given as
that of the IKG: 2-4 Seitenstettengasse, Vienna 1. They were members of the
Judenrat and sent out parcels [See the message archives]. I was able to reunite
one card [SPRONZ] with the grandson of the writer.

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