Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Polish translation help needed #austria-czech


Dear fellow AustriaCzech SIGGers,

This request is for assistance with translating some documents >from the
turn of the century written in Polish.

These two records of birth are >from the Polish State Archives and concern:

Aron Weksler, and Machela Weksler, >from Klobuck in Poland. Although the
area is not within the normal jurisdiction of our group I am hoping that
some of our members know Polish and so can assist me with the translation.

The files can be viewed on Viewmate,

as VM9135 and VM9136. (They will have to be rotated on your computer to
view them readily.)

The direct addresses for viewing are

and http://data.jewishgen.orgt/viewmate/All/viewmateview.asp?key=9136

Any help with the translation will have our greatest appreciation.
Please send your responses directly to me at and
not to the SIG.

Thanks in advance,

Art Spira
Nanaimo, British Columbia,

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