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Ron Beugin <beuginr@...>

Thanks largely to the Czech Archives in Prague, Velke Mezerici and
Jihlava, I have learned the following about the GLAESSER family:

My great-grandfather, Leopold GLAESSER (Glasser or Glaser with umlaut
'a'); and my great-grandmother Karolina (Charlotte or Lotti) SCHWARZ
both came >from Nikolsburg (now Mikulov). I believe a Nikolsburg family
home was located at Emil Schweinbergstrasse 56, on the same street where
Lilly Landesman lived, as noted in her online essay "Recollections of
Nikolsburg in the 1930's"

Leopold was born in 1809 or 1810; Karolina in 1820 or 1826. Around 1844,
Leopold and Karolina moved to Pirnitz (now Brtnice) where Leopold was a
Rabbi; and where they produced 9 children: Berthold (1844), Carolina
(1848), Jakub (1850), Julius (1851), Heinrich (1856), Samuel (1858),
Klara (1859), David (1862) and Ignaz (1863). In December, 1863 the
family moved to Iglau (now Jihlava), where their 10th child Alois (my
grandfather) was born in 1865. In Iglau, Leopold was a Clothing
Merchant. Leopold died in 1883 or 1884, Karolina perhaps in 1903;
probably both in Nikolsburg. The online Nikolsburg Jewish Cemetery
database lists a Leopold GLASER with the comments "Rabbi, Uri Lippman",
and a Charlotte Glasser (umlaut 'a') with no other information.

Jakub, a lumber agent in Pirnitz, married Saly (or Sali) POLLAK >from
Wlasenitz (now Vlasenice) and had a daughter Maria in 1879. In 1880,
they moved to Grosse Meseritsch (now Velke Mezerici), where they had
four more children: Emanuel (1880), Hugo (1882), Leo (1886), and Ida

Ignaz and Jakub were living in Vienna in 1900, Alois in 1911. Ignaz,
Alois, and Leo perished in Thereisenstadt. I do not know what happened
to the others.

It appears that the Mikulov archives does not have any information on
the GLAESSER or SCHWARZ families, so I seem to have hit a wall with my
research. If anyone has any suggestions on where to go >from here, I
would appreciate hearing >from you. I also have some specific questions:
Does anyone know of any sources for historical information on Czech
Rabbis? Could the Leopold Glaser listed in the Nikolsburg cemetery
database be my great grandfather? If so, who was Uri Lippman, and what
was his connection? Why would a Rabbi move to another location and
become a Clothing Merchant?

thank you

Ron Beugin
Calgary, Canada

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