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Amira Kohn-Trattner <amira.kt5@...>

Sally Goodman wrote:

"the powerful documentary The Rape of Europa...One of the interviews is with
E. Randol Schoenberg.."
Thanks for letting us know, Sally, that Randy received the AJC's Louis D.
Brandeis Award for his role in this
outstanding documentary which I saw tonight at the Jewish Film Festival in
New York. Congratulations to Randy for the indeed brilliant and successful
effort that accomplished the return of the paintings to their rightful
owner. That is justice.

In my work with Survivors - over the years - every family had something
stolen >from them. It didn't matter whether it was of little or great value.
So the return to its rightful owner of anything that was stolen is a true

Amira Kohn-Trattner
New York, N.Y.

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