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Celia Male wrote:

1. The database is based entirely on the Doew data:
This is not completely true. I believe the letter to the stars site is not
updated regularly, as the doew page is.

See for example the entry for "Otto Pohl".

I had sent the information about this relative to the doew site some years
ago and about a year ago he and some of the information about him was added
to the doew database.

But as you can see, Otto Pohl is not in the letter to the stars site.

Otto Pohl was a famous jounalist and socialist who worked together with Victor
Adler and also was a member of the Austrian delegation at the Versailles Treaty.
He committed suicide in the French Provence being chased by the Gestapo.

I have no idea how many victims or survivors you find in the doew site (and
there many might be missing too) are missing in the letter to the stars site.
So it might be better to always double-check the two databases.

Peter Zimmer
Muenster, Germany

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