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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

We have recently had a discussion about the transcription problems which arise
when converting >from Hebrew to Roman/Latin letters in Prague in the 1700s and
how this could have influenced family names, even today.

I do understand the problem, although I do not read Hebrew. There is a
dedicated Austria-Czech SIG team tackling this problem for the unidentified
in Baden and we have already solved quite a few; this case illustrates the
problem well:

One transcriber read it as Hayale, wife of Josef ENGELSER

Tuesday 11 Tamuz Taf Reish Ayin Hei {??Gimel} = 5675 = 23 June 1915

5673 = 16 July 1913

another read it as: Haya'le, wife of Josef [E]Ngalser or Negalser Eta, died 11
Tamus 1911.

So now, I go to my Baden book and look for possible matches find:

Nanette ENGELSRATH [Chaila] died 11 Tammus 673 ie June/July 1913 [Grave 328]
Josef ENGELSRATH {we have yet to identify his Hebrew headstone - but now it
should be easy!] [Grave E 293]
Paula ENGELSRATH nee SINGER died 16 Elul 679 [1919] [Grave 307]

and here are the entries on the IKG database:

ENGELSRATH Josef died 10.07.1891 Baden R2 365
ENGELSRATH Nanette died 17.07.1913 Baden R2 978
ENGELSRATH Pauline died 16.09.1919 Baden R1 1223

Which brings me to another *very* important matter; of course if you find
your family graves/links in Baden, please consider carefully if you can
restore them and one or two others. This goes for any graves you find in
Vienna or elsewhere of course. Many are very beautiful, others are simple -
whatever they are like, it is a real shame to allow them to decay >from neglect.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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