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Hans Peter Grab <hpgrab@...>

I would like to inform everyone with ancestors in Prague of an interesting
project by the State archive (Narodni archiv) in Prague.

Gradually all police registration forms (Meldezettel/policejni prihlasky)
from the years 1850 to 1914 will be placed online.
So far there are 324276 entries about inhabitants of Prague within the
present borders.

The address is
First click on "hledani" (search) and the search program will appear.

Once there, you'll find:
novy dotaz = new inquiry
zuzit (a zaroven) = selection (and in addition)
zuzit (nebo) = selection (or)
a zaroven = and in addition
nebo = or
prijmeni = Surname
jmeno = first name (possible middle name in the next line with "a zaroven"
in the
first column and "jmeno" in the second column)
rok narozeni = year of birth
obsahuje = contains
zacina = begins
konci = ends
je roven = „=“
je vetsi = is larger „>“
je mensi = is smaller „<“
hledat = search

Best Wishes for the search
Hanus Grab

PS: For the writing of the names possible necessary special Czech letters
can the user without Czech keyboard copy from:

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