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arie meir

Dear Siggers;

I am now sending you a revised posting and a direct link to the view mate:

I do hope you can help me identify this man.

My mother Cilli MAYER (maiden name GLASER) was born in Vienna
in 1914 and died on August 1983. She left many letters and
photos. One of them is VM9514.

from his age and the style of his suit he looks like a contemporary of my
mother. Other members of her family were her brothers Harman GLASER &
David GLASER. They both passed away), Her father Chaim GLASER ,who
disappeared in Przemysl In1939 , and Dvora GLASER (his daughter >from
his second wife). But this is not one of them.

It could be a cousin or a friend >from her student days - perhaps someone
killed in the holocaust? My mother married my father Max MAYER, who was born
in Vienna in 1902 and passed away in Haifa in 1980 or one of their joint
family friends.

Anyway, I am now left with a mystery unless someone can recognize him!

Many thanks

Arieh Mayer
Haifa Israel

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