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Bob Hanscomb sent us a most interesting account of his ZERKOWITZ family and the
links now established as a result of the findings in the 1792-94 census of
Prague. Looking on the FTJP, I was astonished to see this:

Katharina WOTTITZ Born: Abt 1795, Pressburg, Pozsony Megye, Hungary
Died: Aft 1845
Spouse: Leopold ZERKOWITZ
Born: 1787, Pressburg, Pozsony Megye, Hungary
Married: Abt 1816
Died: 9 Aug 1845, Pest, Hungary

I presume this is Bob's entry?

One of my four maternal gt-gt grandfathers was Leopold WOTTITZ and he was also
from Pressburg and born in the early years of the 1800s. I have a photograph of
him and his wife [Charlotte LOEWY] but no dates. That is all I know about them.
I have extensive knowledge of their six children though. Three branches, Gustav
{my gtgrandfather] and siblings, Karl and Ernestine {FISCHER} ended up in
Vienna. Two siblings remained in Pressburg and environs and one moved to
Transylvania [now Romania] and Budapest.

We have had such major breakthroughs in Bohemia with the censuses, but early
vital records >from Pressburg are missing and that is a great hindrance to
research. There were indeed a number of WOTTITZ families in Pressburg, but
unless there is a miraculous find of missing bmd records, we will never know if
Katharina WOTTITZ ZERKOWITZ is related to *my* Leopold WOTTITZ. I have the same
problems with my other early Pressburg gtgt grandparents.

With the Bohemian ones, I can go much further back in Kolin and Grossbock.
Ironically, they were the ones I knew absolutely nothing about a few years ago.

My four maternal gtgtgrandparents all born late 1700s/early 1800s are:
Leopold & Regine {nee LEMBERGER} TEDESKO - Pressburg > Vienna
buried [Doblinger Friedhof, Vienna]
Emanuel & Fanny {nee LEIDESDORF} BIACH - Pressburg > Vienna [buried Wahringer
Friedhof, Vienna]
Leopold & Charlotte {nee LOEWY} WOTTITZ - Pressburg {presumed buried there}
Raphael & Caroline {nee POPPER} KOHN - Grossbock & Kolin {Bohemia}> Vienna
[buried Grossbock and ZF Tor 1, Vienna resp.]

Celia Male [U.K.]

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