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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

I was just testing out the new Prague Meldezettel database plus the Baden
cemetery data I have - and look what I found:

Baden: Moses FREUND born Prague - 22.5.1836 - K.u.K. Hauptmann der Reserve -
died Voslau 29.8.1890 -buried Baden bei Wien {Grave F 384}

Prague Meldezettel database:

1. Date perhaps 1850?
FREUND Samuel Juda (1797)
Freund Pauline (1799) wife died 1843
Freund Barbara (1826)
Freund Esther (1828)
Freund Rosi (1831)
Freund Low (1834)
Freund Moses (1836)

2. Date 1889
Prague - all born there:
FREUND Samuel Juda (1797)- died 6. 4.1860
Freund Barbara (1826) daughter
Freund Esther (1828) daughter
Freund Rosalia (1831)daughter
Freund Low (1834) son
Freund Moses (1836) son

Surely the same man?

And the great advantage of this database is that the names are transcribed for
you so if you cannot read the script, they are there in the top right hand
corner of the screen. And although Samuel Juda died in 1860 he is still listed
in 1889, perhaps because the house was in his name - and we can therefore link
up this family with their parents and find their dates of death.

Celia Male [U.K.]


1. Click *Hledani*; 2. In first field which appears - *prijmeni* enter FREUND;
3. In second field, drop down to *Jmeno* and enter Moses; 4. In third field
drop down to *rok narozeni* and enter 1836.

Click "Hledat" and two Moses FREUND entries appear - click *zobrazit* and all
the data appears - miraculous. It is the same man in both entries.

Unfortunately, we have no photograph of his grave to complete the story.
Once you have all tried this, I suspect we will have an outpouring of postings.

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