Re: Tests that were made at other companies #dna

Israel P

Meantime, FTDNA checked in with their response, saying that they are in
possession of a sample sufficient for additional testing.

Thank you to all who commented.

Israel Pickholtz

On 19 Jun 2013 at 0:05, DNA Testing digest wrote:

I don't think anyone transfers samples. The transferred results that
FTDNA handles are specifically results >from and because they use the same Illumina OmniExpress chip as
FTDNA. What you're transferring is a computer file generated >from that
chip, not the sample that it was derived from, thus if an autosomal
test has not yet been done yet, you won't be able to do a new one
unless you can get the original sample >from whatever company did the
test originally. If the original company still has a sample, but
doesn't do autosomal tests (i.e. isn't FTDNA,, or
23andMe), then your only chance to get an autosomal test done is to
get the original company to give up the sample and send it to FTDNA by
mail. I've never heard of this occurring, but that doesn't mean it
can't happen.

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