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Supporting and adding to the advice of
Lilot S. Moorman, many old maps have numbered housing - Arabic numerals for
Christian and Roman numerals for Jewish. Some of these numbering
arrangements are still in effect. Even if you can't find the structure where
your ancestors lived, you may be able to find the lot. Having a guide (who
should do some preliminary research before you arrive), while an expense,
saves time and I believe, in the end, saves money. One quick anecdote: In my
fall 2006 visit, we came to an ancestral village and the guide found some
residents and asked whether anyone knew about the Konig family. One person
did. Her mother, living in the adjoining village, knew a Konig family. We
went there. The mother was living in the former Konig house! These Konig
relatives had left Czechoslovakia before the War or perished in the
Holocaust - 65 years ago. I would never have thought that asking the
question "Do you know of ____ family" would generate a positive response.

Finally, it pays to do some homework. Our guide wasn't sure which direction
to take >from village A to village B. I had a memory picture of the village
layouts >from an Internet Map site and said: "You have to go North-East about
8 kilometers."

Paul King

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