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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Jacob Rosen {Amman, Jordan} is not a member of our SIG but has posted this on
others he belongs to - Jacob has given me permission to summarise his query
here which I have interspersed with my comments and my reply.

It concerns the fate of an Austrian Jewish soldier who died in WW1 and is
buried on Mount of Olives cemetery in Jerusalem. The name is garbled and there
is no tomb stone. Apparently, the Austrian authorities were also looking into

Surprisingly, this solder was registered as coming >from Brunn [Brno], Moravia.
The Brno archives even more surprisingly came up with the fact that he was
Nissim BEHMORIAS born in Adrianopol (the Turkish city of Edrine) in 1896 to
Jaques BEHMORIAS and Gracia BENBASSAT, also natives of that city. Nissim had 4
siblings, 2 of whom later moved to Sofia.

This looks to me as if Brno have Meldezettel like the ones we are studying in
Prague. What excellent news for all of us! However it is not clear >from the
data when Nissim's family moved to Brunn and if they came via Vienna.

Nissim died on July 27th, 1917 >from wounds in his head in field hospital 213 in
Beit Hanun (in the Gaza Strip). Now it will be possible to erect a headstone on
his grave in Jerusalem.

This query of Jacob's is timely as Mathilde Tagger is just studying the
Sephardic records of Vienna. I am not sure if the names BEHMORIAS and BEHMOIRAS
are interchangeable. There are certainly references to BEHMORIAS in Turkish on
the internet <> and here is a reference
to another Nissim BEHMORIAS in Ladino:
http://www.geocities DOT com/mason_inf/006_historia_la_fraternidad.doc.

but in 1933 there is a Leon BEHMOIRAS in Vienna. Perhaps he was a brother? He
was a "Kaufmann". There are also two BENBASSAT families: Albert, a banker as
well as Lola and Marco.

And here is another cousin of Nissim perhaps: who died in Auschwitz:

BEHMOIRAS, Joseph (1896-11-26 1943-01-04) Birthplace: Adrianopel, Residence:
Paris XI

Here is an evocative link to the BEHMOIRAS/BEHMORIAS family history by the
authoress Josiane BEHMOIRAS now living in Australia, who is related to the
victim above:

I remember seeing the name BENBASSAT in the Zentralfriedhof, Vienna and indeed
there are burials there:

BENBASSAT Buchor age 49 died 24.02.1908 buried 26.02.1908
Zentralfriedhof Gate 1 Group 8 Row 57 Grave 49A

BENBASSAT Elieser Mordechai age 58 died 28.12.1920 buried 30.12.1920
Zentralfriedhof Gate IV Group 3 Row 10 Grave 21

These could well be the uncles of Nissim. There are no BEHMORIAS/BEHMOIRAS in
the Zentralfriedhof, Vienna. I checked in the Brunn [Brno] cemetery and there

I may have more data on these two Sephardic families when I return >from Vienna.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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