DNA Sucess Story #dna

Lara Diamond

Some of you may enjoy reading a DNA success story--how a DNA test
helped to find my grandfather's aunt (who didn't die in the Holocaust
like we had thought).

[or http://tinyurl.com/kdealoa --Mod.]

Lara Diamond
Baltimore, MD

DIAMANT/DIAMOND >from Horokhov, Huben, Biscupice & Berezhanka, Volhynia, Ukraine
BEITCH/BAJCZ >from Gorokhov & Shklin, Volhynia, Ukraine
ZUTTELMAN/ZITELMAN >from Muravitsa and Baremel, Volhynia, Ukraine
LAZOVNIK, FEIN/FAJN and GARBER >from Volhynia, Ukraine
SANSHUCK and BRANDMAN >from Krasnoye, Podolia, Ukraine
SUPKOFF/SOUPCOFF/ZYPCOFF >from Shpikov, Podolia, Ukraine

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