Re: Usefulness of DNA testing in genealogy, and FTDNA vs. 23-and-me #dna

Marsha Epstein <marsha.epstein@...>

Both Y DNA tests and autosomal tests can be useful in genealogy. I
just helped a member of the Epstein Surname Group at Family Tree DNA
find his 1/2 brother. He never knew his father, just that his father
was Jewish. His mother was unmarried. He took the YDNA results which
confirmed he matched only with Jewish men >from Eastern Europe, but no
close matches. Then he took the autosomal test and found a 2nd cousin.
I wrote the 2nd cousin asking if she had any relatives in or >from St.
Louis, where this man was born. She DID, and it turned out to be our
member's 1/2 brother. The relationship was confirmed with YDNA
testing. So he has now gotten together with his biological father's
family as a result of DNA testing.

This demonstrates another benefit of Family Tree DNA over 23-and-me:
we have volunteer administrators who are skilled in DNA testing and
genealogy who can help, as I did with this member. It demonstrates the
benefit of joining an existing group, especially one that has lots of
members. I've learned so much >from the administrators of the groups
I'm in.

Marsha Epstein
Los Angeles
Co-Administrator of the Epstein Surname DNA Group at Family Tree DNA

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