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Hello to the group,

Recently in an article about the Jews in Prague, at the end of the 16th
century and the beginning of the 17th, I found references about the,
family of Enoch WEISELS and Israel Aron HAMMERSCHLAG. It seems that
members of this family are sometimes referred to under the surname
HENELES. Another source refers also to a rabbi Israel HENELES or HENLIS,
in Prague, at the beginning of the 17th century. The name HENELES or
HENDLES/HENDELS appears in my family tree, during the 17th century in
Krakow. It was born, for instance by a grandson of R' Sinai b' Bezalel
(the MaHaRaL eldest brother), son-in-law of Enoch WEISELS.
The reference I am looking for is a book written by Simon Hock and
published in 1892 by David Kaufmann. The name is in German "Die Familien
Prags" but I am not sure. The book was originally written in Hebrew. The
reference to HENELES would be on pages 97 and following and 106 and
following about Enoch WEISELS.
Does someone in the group have access to this book and could she or he
be so kind to tell me what's in it in relation with these two names.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Gilbert HENDLISZ (Brussels) #43912

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