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Paul King <samorai@...>

Achab Haider's anxious question (19 and 20th June - "Please help") about
tombstone movement has implications for simple genealogical identification
and opens up a concern which surely requires further exploration. Jewish
cemetery restoration, partial or otherwise in post-Holocaust Europe, is a
common occurrence. I know of at least one instance in Bohemia where several
tombstones >from a cemetery were removed for display elsewhere. This must
occur frequently where tombstones are found in extremely derelict conditions
or the actual grave site cannot be determined because of vandalism entailing
movement of the tombstone. At any rate, documentation of a correlation
between a tombstone marker and the actual grave is a helpful tool in
identifying family plots. Achab is doing holy work in documenting Jewish
cemeteries. The circumstances under which tombstones are knowingly standing
in locations which are not the actual gravesite should be of interest to

Paul King

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