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shlomith toaff

Dear Sigers

About a year ago I searched google for EINZIGERs and
found an article in an older copy of this paper:

I copied the relevant part to my computer and here it

"First Indian District Councillor in Vienna

For the first time in the history of Austria an Indian
is elected as member of the council of a Vienna
District. Dr. Monika EINZIGER came to Austria in 1981
and studied at the university of Vienna and made her
master's degree and afterwards doctorate in political
science .....
Vienna state election was conducted on 23rd October
2005 ..... Dr. Monika EINZIGER was a candidate of the
socialist party for the 9th District. She is elected
and she will assume office of the councilor on the
30th Nov. There are nearly 6800 Malayalees in Austria
and the Indian Population amounts to 20000. All
Indians in Austria feel proud of the success of
Dr. Monika and wish her every success. At present
Dr. Monika is working as head of the department in
Austrian Chancellor's office."

Every EINZIGER or EINZIGER's name I found so far,
proved to be part of the family I research.
I tried to find a way to communicate with Dr. Monika
EINZIGER but couldn't find her in the phone directory,
and emails to the paper returned with "delivery has

Can someone >from Vienna help me find her address?

Shlomith Toaff

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