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Yosi <yosi47@...>

I hope this message comes the right way.

My family's name is BAUMGARTEN. Its origin is in Moravia(18th -19th cen.)

We know about family members in these localities:Kremzier,Aausse,Gaya,
Prost(n)its and Goldstein (Goldenstein?).We are able to identify these
places by their modern equivalents .

Though we find many places by the very same name, Baumgarten (= a garden of
trees),none of them is located in this Moravian area( in the vicinity of the
above mentioned villages).

Does anyone know this place and its "new' name?

Is anyone a descendant of this family (other names :PROSTIT (Avraham) ,
GOLDSTEIN (Goldenstein) Izak or FRELICH (Yehoshua)?

Thank you,

Ora Kuris- Baumgarten,Jerusalem

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