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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Henry Schwab writes: "as a longtime researcher and collector of "Postal
History of the Holocaust" I have been unable to find information about this
person. Among the original material which I have gathered, as well as copies
obtained >from fellow collectors, I have mail addressed to Dr. GOLDMANN and mail
originating >from him to Theresienstadt - Birkenau - Schwarzheide - KG Prag,
Abteilung fuer Soziale Fuersorge (meal program for children).

I am puzzled that at this date where information is so plentiful this data
is either not available, or being withheld. I would be appreciative of any

Henry asks for a private reply, but I too am puzzled why this should be so as
this will perpetuate the mystery and the subject appears to be of general
interest. As I have some ideas about it, I am writing to the group. Why should
anyone withhold information? Was this a famous person or just someone whose
name appears on envelopes? Are there many letters with this name? Could he be
someone like the members of the Judenrat, Vienna [when the IKG, Vienna was
abolished and a Judenrat was put in its place]. There are many letters
addressed to Erich and Grethe BREUER at the Seitenstettengasse, Wien and they
keep appearing on a well-known internet auction site. They sent parcels [no
doubt with their name on them as *senders*] with soap, oats etc to

The BREUER also disappeared >from view and I have no idea who they were and what
happened to them. If they survived, I suspect they might have changed their
names and melted into the background because they would have been reviled by
many. Perhaps Dr Karel GOLDMANN in this category and this is what happened in
Prague. Google "Judenrat, Prague" and many philatelic items appear.

I have written about the Vienna letters before - please search the message
archives with "BREUER".

I can see a Karel GOLDMANN active in Catholic circles in the Czech Republic - I
have checked and there are many Christian GOLDMANN families in Bohemia and
Austria too. So now we have another possibility. Perhaps Karel was not a real
person [just a name on an envelope to give hope!] or perhaps he was a stooge.

Here is a Christian? GOLDMANN [found on the internet] who might fit the bill:
Karl GOLDMANN Birth: 1880 Austria - Marriages 1909: Juliane STEINDL
Of Weyer Land, Kuepfern, Oberoesterreich, Austria

I also checked this site:
and there is only one possible candidate actually >from Prague:

Karl GOLDMANN born 1890 - son of Karl - could his father be Jewish and his
mother Catholic? No idea, but a possibility:
The parents apparently married in a church. Father Karl was a Handschuhmacher?
- glovemaker - as far as I can read. Did this Karl step into the Prague
Judenrat to save his family?

The answer must lie in Prague in the Jewish Museum or in the Holocaust Museum
in Washington. It is hard to imagine that there are no extant documents on the
Prague Judenrat. So here are a few ideas for us all to work on.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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