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Fritz Neubauer

Austria-Czech SIG digest wrote:

I recently replied to Ora Kuris-Baumgarten in Jerusalem who is still searching
for the place/village/town called Baumgarten after which it is suggested the
BAUMGARTEN family is named: " My family's name is BAUMGARTEN. Its origin is in
Moravia (18th-19th cen.).......".
My comment was that it may not be a toponymic name at all and if it was,
Baumgarten may not be in Moravia.

"Baumgarten" is also an area in Vienna that was originally independent
next to Huetteldorf, today it is still traceable in two street names in
the 14th district: "Baumgartenstrasse" and "Baumgartner Hoehe", there is
also a "Baumgartner Friedhof" in the area,

with kind regards

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

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