Re: Gordon Y-dna Testing #dna


Hi Yisroel,

I do not know all the social tricks and what have you that people do
to get fmaily members that are not close to them to the test.
I am not sure if there are really any tricks. Establishing an earnest
relationship is usually a good start. That is, you may not get far of
you are just out to take someone's dna and run!

It looks like this second part could definitely make part of a note
you send to relatives. However, in a first communication, especially
with relatives you haven't been in touch with in a while, you might
start by explaining that you found out new info about the family,
and would like to share it.

If they seem interested, then share the possibility of being in a DNA

Thank Goodness we were born In Untied States and did not have to know
the hard life of Lithuania. The pogroms and so on. Most of
Lithuanian Jews were wiped out. We know that some Jews did escape
before or during the war. Maybe Jews might have gone to South Africa
or other places. Some might have been babies and taken over my
gentile parents and they are looking for their extended families and
we cannot be found.

Many of us would like to know these answers. Thankfully with the
growth in science a Y-chromosome test can be performed painless. You
will not have to pay for this test.

We can then trace our Gordon routes all the way back and know how we
got to Lithuania and other questions. Are we Levites or Israelites?
See if someone changed the name nevertheless has the same genes.
Good Luck!

Steve Bloom
Central Virginia

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