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"HEIM" family - I've been trying to do some more extensive research
on my ancestors who resided in various areas of the Austro-Hungarian
Empire. My great-grandfather Ignaz PREIS (1884-1941/42) spent most of
his life in Vienna and after pursuing the Nazi "Nisko program" in
1939, was last heard >from in in Alma Ata, USSR (today's Kazakhstan).
On a side note, if anyone knows why certain Jews were sent there as
opposed to the gulag and how to find out what exactly happened to
Jewish men sent to that area - I'd greatly appreciate it.

In 1910, Ignaz PREIS married Hermine HEIM (1887-1942) in Sopron,
Hungary. They had 2 sons: Fritz PREIS (my grandfather - emigrated
1939 to Nashville, TN) and Alfred PREIS (emigrated 1939 to Hawaii).
Currently, I am trying to learn more about the HEIM's who at various
times were located in Sopron, Budapest, Lackenback, Moedling and
Vienna. Hermine HEIM PREIS and Ignaz PREIS were both deported out of
Vienna. My great-grandmother, Hermine HEIM was the daughter of Sandor
HEIM (1871-1942) and Ernestina GEIGER (dates unknown) - I think they
had a total of 3 daughters - Hermine, Ernestine (would she name her
daughter after herself?) and Josefine. I paid the $100 contribution
to both help JewishGen and to have access to more databases. When I
do a search on HEIM in any of the Hungarian databases - HEIM does not
come up even though the name shows as a hit in many places. Names
like KOHN, etc. show up.

My question then comes in 2 parts: 1) does anyone know anything about
this HEIM family? and 2) know what the name "HEIM" might be in
Magyar, Yiddish or Hebrew? In other words, is there another last name
that I should be researching in liei of "HEIM."

I'd appreciate any advise or help you can offer in this matter.


Julie Doochin
Nashville, TN

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