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Roni Seibel Liebowitz wrote to the the General Discussion Group about this
far-reaching project and has given me permission to quote her: "Lodz Ghetto
Work ID Cards being Indexed" - "Richard J. Astor has generously funded this
significant project to honor the memory of his father, Alec Astor, who was born
in Lodz in 1915, lived through the Holocaust and died in London 2006. The
announcement and a photo of Alec Astor [was Ajzyk ABERSZTAJN] can also be
viewed on the Lodz ShtetLinks website":

We all know that, tragically, many Austrian Jews were shipped to the Lodz
ghetto and few survived. In this context, I have no hesitation in recommending
that you listen to the BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play: "The Conversation", I am
listening to it for the second time [it is a repeat] as I write this: Thursday
04 October:

Dramatic reconstruction of a conversation between Trevor Friedman and Roman
Halter, whose fathers were Jewish slave labourers in Poland and then Germany.
Trevor knew almost nothing of his father's extraordinary story until 24 years
after his death. With Harry Towb, Jonathan Tafler. Directed by Toby Swift.

You will be able to listen to it for a week on *Listen again*: it is also
listed here:

Select *A* for afternoon play - "The Conversation"

The SS advised Roman Halter to take water, a blanket and family photographs
when he was removed >from the ghetto to an unknown destination. Visualising the
photographs [the album was lost] kept him a live in Auschwitz. Roman describes
Albert Speer's apparently unrecorded visit to the Lodz ghetto to see the
munitions being made as well as face-to-face meetings with Mengele. Roman tells
us how the machines making munitions were taken >from the Lodz ghetto to
Stutthof, together with the slave labourers who operated them, as the Russian
approached. They were then taken to Dresden. This is a verbal account which
will leave you shocked and traumatised at the brutality and horror described in
a measured, calm way.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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