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I have FF results for myself and for my maternal first cousin. Is it
safe to say that if there is a match on my FF list who does not turn
up anywhere on his FF list, that that match comes >from my paternal
No, not necessarily. All of these match determinations are based on
probability. That is, based on t he amount of DNA you share with
someone (roughly speaking), you have a particular chance of being
related to this same person in a precise way, such as "5th cousin",
etc. However, there is always the chance that people who are only
distantly related via an ancestor who lived almost 1000 years ago
will show up on a match list as much closer, and vice versa: that
is, people who are actually closely related may not show up in a
match list all. The only way to be more sure is to test additional

I will add that because you tested a first cousin, and the amount of
dna shared with this person is relatively high, the chances that the
situation ends up being as you concluded are reasonably high, but not
definite by any means.

It would seem so, but one of my results odd: My maternal
male cousin has a yDNA match 37 markers, 2 steps. This Y match match
turns up on my FF results as 4th to remote, however does not turn up
at all on my cousin's FF results.
I assume this is the same maternal cousin you mentioned above?
Whether it is or not, the results are common, as described above.
People can "seem" more or less distant than they actually are.
Generally speaking though, the combo of FF and ydna seems to confirm
the relationship in your tree.

This seems the same as above, and is the case for similar sorts of reasons.

The yDNA is different >from my brother's, and so I guess this elusive
FF match could be >from my paternal grandmother's side?
I see what you are saying, but if the unexplained FF match is any
kind of distant-ish cousin, there are many different ways he could have
ended up with different ydna and still be >from almost any maternal or
paternal branch.

I wish it were easier, but making such conclusions is very difficult
without testing many cousins, sometimes with both FF and Ydna.

Steven D. Bloom

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