Re: If Results are Not Beneficial to Research, Why Test? #dna


Although I have been subscribed for quite some time, it is only since
testing with FTDNA that I have gone back and read all the posts.
Although I am glad to confirm that my father was Ashkenazi with FF, I am
beginning to wonder if there is any point to testing my brother. He
would be a direct male Schwarzbaum line and I had wanted to have him do
FF and YDNA testing during the Xmas sale. However >from reading, FF fives
false positives for Ashkenazi Jews due to intermarriage and the Y test
is not useful for making connections at a paper trail level.
Somewhat true, but not completely so. I have found two confrmable relatives
via autosomal dna, and have other matches that are good leads. Though, this
was with two companies, and almost 5000 total unique matches between them.
Thats not a high yield. I have no confirmed relatives via ydna, though have
had it work a bit better with folks in surname projects I am part of.

So, whereas dna tests are not a panacea, and can take a long time to
yield results, they can be useful, especially if you are alo willing to
do the traditional genealogy.

I still don't understand everything I am looking at on my own test. Is
DNA testing only useful for seeing if two families are related or is
there a real reason to test my brother?
I am not sure what you are asking, exactly, but it is indeed most
useful for testing connections between individuals, but can also find
new relatives, potentially.

I do want to locate a direct line female on my mother's side to verify
that we share the same gg-grandmother. Will mtDNA testing confirm that?
Yes, but be careful. Really make sure that it is the DIRECT female line
for both of you (mother's mother's mother's). If there is even one male
in the line, it will be completely useless.

I have found cousins >from obits but if DNA can't confirm my question I
don't want to ask and pay for someone I don't know to test - if they
would even agree. My mother's family was not Jewish. This is for a
German protestant >from the Brandenburg area. I have been unable to
verify her birth year and location and if she was the child of the same
woman that md my gg-grandfather and had the other children or if he was
md previously.
All I can say is that the tests have *potential* to help, but no guarantees.

Steven D. Bloom

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