Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Carol Skydell Resigns As Vice President - Special Projects #austria-czech

Susan E. King <susan.king@...>

It is with very deep emotion that we publicly announce Carol Skydell's
resignation >from JewishGen as a Vice President.

Carol joined the JewishGen volunteer corps when we first met her back in
Washington, DC at the 1995 conference. Over the years, Carol has taken on so
many roles and worn so many hats that it is next to impossible to recount them

What we can recount is her undying loyalty and commitment to JewishGen over the
last 12+ years. Her energy and her creativity can be seen in so many areas
throughout this organization as it just continued to grow. And trust some of
this growth was in spurts! Big ones!

Rewinding to 1995, the internet was fast becoming a reality rather than a
figment of our imagination. Carol was so very instrumental in this pioneering
effort that we see today as JewishGen. As with any new venture, the pioneering
spirit required overcoming the hills and valleys, always so difficult when the
road ahead is not defined. It required flexibility in thought and deed, being
able to think 'outside the box', as they say. Carol was truly there every step
of the way! And most important, she has been a trusted and loyal friend and
supporter, making this announcement ever so difficult to write.

We can suppose that at the ripe young age of 82 (?!), Carol has chosen some
other "battles to fight" and "hills to climb" that have become very dear to her.

On behalf of all of us at JewishGen, there truly are no words to properly thank
her for her 12 years of service to this organization. We wish her Godspeed into
the New Year and in her new ventures.


Susan E. King
Founder/President & Managing Director
JewishGen, Inc.

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