Re: meaning of "Middle Eastern Jewish" #dna


Does "Middle Eastern Jewish" (FamilyFinder results) mean Sephardic?

Debbie Estis
Murrieta, CA


I believe that when FTDNA reports in the Population Finder that you are
Middle Eastern (Jewish) it only means that you are Jewish. There is no
distinction among the various Jewish diasporas.

As far as I know, the population finder uses the self reported ethnicity
of tested individuals to build a database of genetic profiles. For
example, if you report that all four of your grandparents are Jewish, or
Chinese, it may use that information to build a profile of typical Jewish
(or Chinese) DNA. It then compares the DNA of individuals who take the
Family Finder test to the database to find the best match, which may be
composed of one or several ethnicities.

In my case, all four of my grandparents were Jewish, half of them
Ashkenazi and half Sepharadi. They were all born in Europe. FTDNA
reports me as 100% Middle Eastern (Jewish). I think "Middle Eastern" is
just a label that indicates the ancient geographic source of all people
who have "Jewish DNA".

Elan Caspi
Belmont, CA

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