Re: DNA to prove parentage #dna



There are DNA companies that focus on testing of parentage, however,
an autosomal test such as FTDNA's Family Finder or 23andme's Relative
Finder would be conclusive in confirming parentage as well (maternal
or paternal).

An Mt-dna test would also show whether someone else is a close
maternal line relative, but I don't think it would be as conclusive
in showing whether someone was say, a mother vs. sister or maternal
aunt, etc.

For the autosomal test, it would be very evident >from the amount of
DNA shared with a particular woman whether she was your mother or not
(or anyone else and their mother,speaking broadly).

However, I think it might be prudent to discuss this with an attorney
in your country (or wherever the friend is) , to find out what
constitutes proof, etc in a legal issue such as this one.

The trick of course is going to be getting her (the mother's) DNA if
your friend is in a legal battle with her (you need a good sample
from the puttative child and parent)!
Steve Bloom
Central Virginia, USA

I would love your guidance please.

I am in correspondence with a woman born 1953, who suspects that her
mother did not give birth to her, and is asking for help to find her
birth parents.

She is seriously thinking of taking legal action against members of
her hitherto family for wrongful deeds in the past, and I feel she
must have DNA testing to both prove that she is not her mother's
daughter and perhaps point the direction to her birth parentage.

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