Re: dna test to prove parentage #dna

Sarah L Meyer

I have many mtDNA matches but I only tested HVR1, and the mtDNA mutates so
slowly that it is very hard to sort out. Futhermore, while I am 100% Jewish
and my maternal ancestors were in Europe through the early 1900s, many of my
matches earliest ancestors were in the US in the 1700s. I find this almost
useless (but not quite).
If the mt DNA has different haplotypes it would be easy to see that they are
not mother and daughter, but I suspect that even if they match it would not
prove anything. Also it is my understanding that the full mtDNA might have
medical information that people would not want to share. But what about
combining the HVR1 mtDNA and the family finder test? I think that would
cost less than a full mtDNA, and give the indication of how close the
relationship is with the autosomal chromosomes. Plus as an advantage there
would not be any unwanted (or unwilling to share) medical information. A
third possibility is to talk to the DNA companies that provide
paternity/maternity testing. They would be using their own tests, would not
share any medical information and they set up to be used in a court of law?

Sarah L M Christiansen
Georgetown, TX

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