Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech Re: Schlossstrasse in Skalica, Slovakia (?) #austria-czech

Hans Peter Grab <hpgrab@...>

Dear Yohanan,

the streetname in your message varied (Schlossestrasse, Schlosssstrasse and
First must be clear if you mean Schlosserstrasse (Locksmith street) or
Schlossstrasse (Castle street).
Second you cannot search in Google German street names in Slovak towns. You
must use Slovak street names.
Locksmith street = Zamocnicka ulica. Castle street = Zamocka ulica.
In Bratislava you find both streets. In Skalica you find neither Zamocka,
nor Zamocnicka street.
Town maps you find on the site (search is also in
English possible).

Best Wishes
Hanus Grab

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