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Following on the {Galician} SCHIFFMANN Department Store in the Taborstr.
Vienna II, I now have this interesting SCHIFFMANN saga. SCHIFFMANN is a
common name but I did see an intriguing tombstone whilst I was in Vienna
recently - Alois [Louis] and Julie SCHIFFMANN, a brother and sister >from
USA who wished to be buried in home soil:

How they managed to be buried in Tor 1 [with apparently no earlier burials in
the grave] in the late 1930s, I have no idea unless they, or their parents,
bought the plot many years before. I researched these two SCHIFFMANN siblings
and their parents and tracked them down in the US censuses in NY State - Erie.
Barbara Zimmer kindly added the finishing touches with wonderful details,
worthy of a 9/11 FBI screen!

U.S. Passport Applications [with photo], 1795-1925 Luis Schiffman - Birth Date:
17 Jun 1849 - Birth Place: Vienna, Austria Residence: Buffalo, New York
Passport Issue Date: 8 Jun 1920 - Father Name: Baruch Schiffman - Father's
Birth Location: Austria - Father's Residence: Deceased Source: Passport
Applications, January 2, 1906 - March 31, 1925 (M1490)

Apparently he immigrated in 1881 >from Bremen. Sailed July 23, 1881
(actually sailed in June). Naturalized in Buffalo July 22, 1886.
Planning to travel to Czechoslovakia, Great Britain, Holland, France,
Switzerland, Leaving for Europe July or August 1920.
Aged 70 - 5 ft 6 1/2 inches, prominent nose, brown eyes, ***bone in left
wrist out of place***, black and gray hair, ruddy complexion, pointed
chin, moustache.

Alois was found by sleuth Barbara entering the US >from Bremen as Alver!
Name: Alver SCHIFFMANN Arrival Date: 7 Jul 1881
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1849 - Age: 32
Port of Departure: Bremen, Germany and Southampton, England
Destination: United States of America
Place of Origin: Germany - Ethnicity/Race?/Nationality: German
Ship Name: Elbe - Port of Arrival: New York

We can see the family in US censuses 1880-1920: the SCHIFFMANN were
in Buffalo, NY - Erie County. Julia and Louis were the children of
Baruch and Catherine SCHIFFMANN. Louis is variously a jeweller, a salesman,
and an agent for a liquor store. Parents Baruch and Catherine SCHIFFMANN,
according to one census, were >from Hungary. When Julia arrives with her parents
in 1877, Baruch is 58 [born ca 1819] and Catherine is 54 [born ca 1823].
They arrived in NY on 23 June 1877 >from Bremen on the Rhein. It does seem
rather old to emigrate.

Perhaps, they had family there already? Barbara has some evidence of a possible
SCHIFFMANN married daughter living in Buffalo. Baruch and Catherine, I presume
are buried in Buffalo. We need to find someone with knowledge of the Buffalo
Jewish cemetery.

I have found Baruch >from Sennitz, Hungary [now Slovakia] and Maria [I presume
this is Catherine] living in Vienna and having quite a few more children:
Salomon born 5 August 1839; Moritz born 6 July 1841; Jacob born 6 Nov. 1843;
Maria born 26 Feb. 1846. Marie/Catherine was rather young to have a baby in
1839. She could have been Baruch's first wife. There is also an Isidor
SCHIFFMANN born in Vienna in Dec. 1845 to Eduard and Rosalie, also from
Sennitz. He is probably a cousin of the other SCHIFFMANN children

Isn't it amazing what one can do nowadays with a tombstone photograph and some
net-surfing and a helpful collaborator? We need detailed Sennitz and Vienna bmd
records to complete the story. And of course, it would be nice to find

Celia Male, London, U.K.

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