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Dear Siggers,
For the research I am doing on the former Jewish inhabitants of
Reichenberg/Liberec I need information on the SPITZ family >from
Jungbunzlau/Mlada Boleslav and I wonder whether anybody among the
Siggers can help me.

I need the birth dates and other information on Isaak Spitz and his son
Jakob. Isaak was Rabbi in Jungbunzlau/Mlada Boleslav and a writer of poems
in Hebrew, as Ruth Kestenberg-Gladstone mentions in her book ”Heraus
aus der Gasse”. His son Jakob was an innkeeper in Reichenberg/Liberec
and founded the Jewish Community there in 1863. This is all I know.
I found no traces of them in the Liberec municipal files, which I have
been researching thoroughly for the last four years in place, nor in the
on-line Prague conscription. The chapter on Reichenberg in Hugo Gold’s
book mentions Jakob Spitz only as having been an inn-keeper in Reichenberg
since 1845, a “Schutzjude” of Kolin and married to a daughter of Josef Cantor,
“Schutzjude” of Muenchengraetz.

Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated.
Isa Engelmann, Verona, Italy
JG ID 311 419

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