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Evelyn Filippi of NY asked: "How do Jewish people get married if it is not in a
Shul in Vienna, without it being recorded?

My grandfather Moses Sternklar EBENSTEIN remarried in Vienna to a woman
named Ana sometime after 1936. They both perished in Treblinka where they were
listed as married. I would like to know her name and any info I could find out
about her and I never could find any thing. Thanks to Wolf Eckstein .... I have
all the info of everybody else in my family including marriage and death
information and the marriage of my Grandfather to my Grandmother and my
parents' marriage."

The answer to the first part is: Yes, of course people can get married without
the involvement of the synagogue and the marriage will be registered in the
civil register. As this tragic couple were deported in 1942, I presume they
married at the Standesamt [Registrar's office] between 1 Aug 1938 and date of
deportation. Before 1. August 1938 they could still have registered their
marriage at the IKG Vienna and >from what I know of this family, I am sure they
would have had a religious ceremony. As Evelyn did not find an entry at the
IKG, the marriage most probably took place after 1 Aug 1938. The problem now is
when and where did they have their civil ceremony?

Daniela Torsh >from Sydney has answered quite correctly that a query sent to the
Meldearchiv at the Wiener Stadt und Landesarchiv should yield some information.
However this query has to be phrased carefully as the Meldearchiv will have to
do a backward search starting at the last address quoted at deportation {Wien
2, Schmelzgasse 6 Laden} till they find the arrival of Anna on the scene,
living together with Moses. This will give a clue as to when they married.

Alternatively, if Evelyn has the family address at the time of death of her
grandmother, she can ask for a forwards search for Moses >from this date till
Anna appears as his new wife. Based on the address, she can find out which was
the nearest Standesamt at which they presumably married. At this point, I
become hazy as I have never had to do this. We know Anna's dob is 21/05/1890
[yad vashem] and on Evelyn's POT for Moses I note the name PACHMAN, with a
query, as a possible maiden name for Anna.

The address given at deportation looks as if it is the family shop. I am not
too clear about this as the word "Laden" appears. I researched Moses's first
wife [Evelyn's grandmother] and found this on JOWBR: Address: 1200,
Klosterneuburgerstr. 62, Comments: Grabst., Einf., Deckpl. 9.6.1972

Please note the words Grabst. [tombstone] and Deckpl. and a date of
construction - equivalent to Stephanie Weiner's *Platte* yesterday. But we have
the greatest boon of JOWBR - now we have another address >from which we can
progress our research in the archives.

Here is a photograph of the grave before and after - wonderful clearance work
of Traude Triebel in 2006, and you can actually see the *Platte*

You can see on the tombstone, Evelyn's grandmother is called Beile but on the
database she has her German name Bertha and she died at the AKh - ie
Allgemeines Krankenhaus, Wien 1090:

EBENSTEIN, Bertha 1090, Akh 03-Jun-1936
T4 Group: 21 Row: 11 Grave: 42

With all this data, Evelyn should be successful in getting closer to the facts
of her grandfather Moses EBENSTEIN's second marriage. I would present both
addresses, with dates 1936 and 1942, to the Meldearchiv, to help them in their
search. Good luck, Evelyn.

Celia Male, London UK.

Footnote: both these EBENSTEIN photographs are included in my FLICKR sets.
Moses is recorded in the recently-expanded Holocaust Memorial - public and
private set, I will be writing about shortly - see as a preview before my

and see if you can spot the new memorials added since May 2008!

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