Are my husband and I related? #dna

Alison Greengard <aligreengard@...>

My husband and I have always wondered if we are actually related
as he and I both have Aron as a family surname in our ancestry.
My husband's Aron family is >from the Strasbourg, Alsace region of
France. My Aron family is on my paternal side and >from Uzventis,
Lithuania to the 1700's. We also know my Aron grandmother
corresponded with a cousin in the Strasbourg area of France. Both
my paternal Aunt and I match my husband exactly on chromosome 9
from the same position 117777859 to 126060649 for a total of 11.33

My first inclination of course was to say that the match is through
our respective Aron families.

However, my husband's Greengard family is >from Virbalis, Lithuania,
so I then wondered if the connection is through a marriage somewhere
in the past of my Lithuanian Aron family to my husband's Lithuanian
Greengard family. So I added in a Greengard 3rd cousin to the
chromosome browser and he matches my husband, me, and my Aunt in
almost the same position (it mostly overlaps) on chromosome 9 >from
position 115890897 to 123743153 for a total of 10.46 cM. So would
this indicate that perhaps the connection is not through our
respective Aron families, but through an Aron/Greengard marriage?
Or could it be in addition to our respective Aron families?

Also, has anyone else discovered they are related to their spouses?
My connection seems to be at a 5th to distant cousin relationship.
It seems reasonable to me that other Ashkenazi Jews would be
related to their spouses somewhere in the past.

Thank you.

Alison Greengard
Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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