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Dear SIGgers,

I'm facing this riddle and would appreciate your comments.

In the Prague Conscriptions database one can find the following entry:

Sara KIESCH (POPPER) with the following children in Lieben:
Ludwig (1837), Franziska (1839), Maria (1840), Jakob (1843),
Herrmann (1845), Samuel (1847), Julia (1850) and Johanna.

This is the first time I ever seen the name KISCH spelled this way.
It's also the only KIESCH entry I could find in this database.
These KISCH are not mentioned in the Paul J. Jacobi papers.

I tried to find the children in the same database and found
the following:

Jacob KISCH (1856, Lieben) and Emma FLUSSER with children
Frieda (1895) and Josef (1897)
Jacob KISCH (1855) and Marie FLUSSER with children Friederike (1893),
Josef (1896) and Franz (1900).
Semmi KISCH (1852, Lieben) and Rosa JELINEK (1871, Lieben) with
children Rudolf (1886), Hanna (1890), Eugenie (1896) and Milada (1899).
Julie KISCH (1864, Lieben) living with the KRAUS family.
Maria KISCH (1838) living with the KARPELES family.
No Ludwig, Franziska, Hermann or Johanna that isn't accounted for
in some other way.
Jacob, Semmi and Julie are possible candidates, they are also >from Lieben,
but the dates are off by more than 1 or 2 years: 12, 5 and 14 years resp..

In the 'Prager Tagblatt' I found the following:

Julie KISCH died 30.08.1916 Prague Lieben. Brothers: Semi and Jakob.
Sisters-in-law: Rosa and Marie.
Semi KISCH died 29.04.1918 Prague VIII. Wife Rosa JELLINEK, Brother: Jakob.
Sister-in-law: Emma. Children: Rudolf, Irma, Jenny, Milada.

Celia Male found the following in the 1880 Vienna census:

Samuel KISCH (1852, Lieben) living at the same address as Mathias KISCH
(1847, Prague) and wife Anna LION (1851).
Mathias was a son of Salamon (1818-1896 Prague) and Amalie Weronika nee
BACHOFEN (BLOCH) (1822/3-1886or96), but Samuel is NOT his brother (neither
are Jacob and Julia, at least not according to Jacobi).

The 1880 US census yields the following:

Ludwig KISCH, 42, born in Bohemia, with wife Matilda, 36, born in Bohemia,
and daughter Ida, 13, living in Manhattan NY.
Jacob KISCH, 37, born in Bohemia, wife Carrie, 22, born in Prussia, living
in Manhattan NY.
Herman KISCH, 34, born in Germany, wife Josephine, 25, born in Germany, with
son Edward, 7, and daughter Harriet, 1, living in Newark NJ.
Jennie ROSENBERG, 28, born in Bohemia, with husband Solomon, 32, born in
Prussia, living in Manhattan NY.

LDS IGI yields the following:

Ludwig KISCH, born in Bohemia, son of Isak KISCH and Sarah POPER, married
Mathilde SAAR, born in Bohemia, daughter of Herman SAAR and Anna GETREUER,
on 14.10.1866 in Manhattan NY.
Ida, born 15.07.1867 Manhattan NY, daughter of Ludwig KISCH and Mathilde
Louise A., born in NY, daughter of Ludwig KISCH and Matilda SOHR.

Jacob KISCH, born in 'Liebel' Bohemia, son of Isaac KISCH and Sarah POPPER,
married Carrie NATHAN, born in Neuwied Prussia, daughter of Moritz NATHAN
and Eliza DIETZ, on 28.12.1879 in Manhattan NY.
Ella, born 28.07.1881 Manhattan NY, daughter of Jacob KISCH and Carry

Herman KISCH, born in Bohemia, son of Isaac KISCH and Sara POPPER, married
Josephine BLYER, born in Bohemia, daughter of Samuel BLYER and Sophia
ZEIMER, on 01.09.1872 in Manhattan NY.
Edward, born 17.06.1873 Manhattan NY, son of Herman KISCH and Josephine

Jeni KISCH, born in Prague Bohemia, daughter of Isaac KISCH and Sara ROPPER,
married Solomom ROSENBERG, born in Warszawskiego Poland, son of Samuel
ROSENBERG and Rosa LINGER, on 26.05.1872 Manhattan NY.

Apparently the 4 of them had moved to the US.

Question is if there is just one set of Jacob, Samuel (Semi) and Julia or if
there are 2 sets. Key in this whole story is Jacob. If there's only 1 set,
Jacob must have moved to the US between 1865 (police record) and 1879
(marriage record) and he must have returned to Prague before 1893-5 (birth
of his daughter) to marry Marie/Emma FLUSSER.
If there are 2 sets then I have no clue where the other set came from,
because they can't be found in the Conscriptions database nor are they
mentioned by Paul Jacobi.

Raymond van Kooyk, the Netherlands

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