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Sharon & Peter Haas <haases@...>

I've recently received extracts of Viennese Birth/Death records
from the 1870's. I speak German and can read and understand a lot,
but when it comes to the ornate handwriting used, I'm at a complete loss....

Would be very thankful if anybody who knows how to read/translate small
portions of this difficult-to-read German would contact me privately
so that I could e-mail them 5 very, very small JPG files.
("View Mate" is temporarily down).

Additionally, if anyone knows a bit of history as to when/how this fancy
handwriting got started, what it is called, and why it seems to have "died
out", this might be of general interest to the list.


Peter Haas - California

Researching: HAAS (Leipnik, Czech),
SPITZKOPF (Leipnik, Czech)
JAHODA ( ?? Czech.)

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