Austria-Czech SIG #Austria-Czech RE: Fancy/Ornate German handwriting #austria-czech

Wegner, Peter

Re Celia Male's reference to the German "Kurrent" handwriting -- this is a German script in which,
unfortunately many letters look very much alike (try writing the word "meinem" in it) making it almost
illegible at times (especially when the writer neglects to dot the "i"s.

I was interested to learn that it was called Kurrent." This is obviously the German equivalent of the
English use of the word "cursive" to describe the "flowing" style of "grown-up" handwriting in which
(unlike children's printing) the letters are all joined together. Both Kurrent and cursive obviously come
from the Latin verb currere, which means to "run" or "flow" like water, without stopping.
Judith Romney Wegner

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