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Don't miss this concert if you are in London:

Time, Date and Venue: 7.30pm, 16th October, 2008 - Spiro Arts Centre.
25-26 Enford Street W1H 1DW see - but I cannot
find the programme on the website yet. Tel: 020-7723-9991

Pavel Haas: Six Moravian Folk Tunes Opus 1
Antonin Tucapsky: Folk tunes >from Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia
and Slovakia
Charles Heller - The Trial of Leopold Hilsner - UK premiere

Pianist: Petr Vasicek - Soprano: Marta Vavrova

Charles Heller is a descendant of the HELLER family of Polna,
Bohemia who can be clearly seen in the 1793 census. In 1899 a
Christian girl was murdered in Polna and a Jew by the name of
HILSNER was accused in a blood libel case. He was sentenced to death
but international outrage and intervention by Tomas Masaryk saved
his life:

Charles is a composer who has studied this case. He was a music
teacher and music director at a Toronto Synagogue. Unfortunately he
will not be at the concert. He wrote to me "Yes, the Hellers lived
in Polna >from about the 1600s. I have traced my family back to about
1700. Some of them were "Richtar Zidovsky". My grandfather
Siegfried was responsible for HILSNER when his mother was
unable to look after him. After he was released >from jail in 1918,
HILSNER changed his name to HELLER. My grandfather died in 1903 but
my grandmother Bozena died in 1942 before the Nazis came to take away
the last few Jews there. My father Otto came to England in 1939.
I was born in London in 1946.

Here is the grave of Leopold HILSNER in Vienna:

Zentralfriedhof IV. TOR 10a 7 8
HELLER (HILSNER} Leopold aged 51 died 08.01.1928 buried 11.01.1928

I shall make a special point of going there when next in Vienna and tidying it up.

Celia Male - London, U.K.

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