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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Paul King >from Jerusalem wrote: "The Prague Police Conscription site (1850-1914):

allows for the entry of three variables in finding
information about a
person or family. These variables are:
1) surname
2) first name
3) year of birth

To my great surprise, after not disclosing expected relatives
when I entered the surname, I discovered that by entering a
first name and a date of birth only, the family data appeared.
Not only did one family record appear once; it has three separate records..... I can't account for the quirk."

The answer is quite easy: the site is umlaut sensitive - thus try
LOWY with an umlaut and without - you will be surprised. Paul's
family name also had an umlaut "O" and if you enter it with an umlaut,
all the missing records appear. Apparently, sometimes the names were
entered into the database with the umlaut and other times without.

So now we know - we have to check *both* alternatives to bring
up *all* records. We live and learn >from experience.

Celia Male, London, U.K.

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