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irene jalowayski

This is very interesting and I wonder if there are other documents that are
similar for other areas of the Austro Hungarian empire. My great grandfather
Saloman SCHWARZ went >from Galzecs then in Hungary (now in Slovakia) to
Brunn/Brno in Moravia in 1850 to become the cantor at the newly forming
synagogue there. I just recently went there and although the synagogue was
destroyed during the Holocaust the burial society building and cemetery are
still intact. Saloman was ober Cantor until his death in 1888 and there are
two very large tombstones on his grave and on my g grandmother's as well
with a beautiful epitaph about him. The burial society building is quite
beautiful. The archives in Brno have a lot of census data about the people
in the community there but I would love to get data such as appears to be in
the Bohemia book for Moravia. Almost no Jews lived in Brno until 1848 and
later as they were prohibited and had to live in surrounding towns.

Irene Jalowayski, West Palm Beach Florida

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