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Before WWII Vienna with its 175,000 Jews was the third largest Jewish
community in Europe, however by the end of the war only a few thousand
were left. The official body representing Vienna's Jews was the
Israelite Religious Community, known as the Israelitische
Kultusgemeinde Wien (IKG). This was a large organization with many
departments, including registration of births, marriages and deaths
(BMD), upkeep of synagogues and cemeteries etc.
Fortunately for us the huge archive of the IKG survived the war more
or less intact, and since the re established IKG was unable to look
after it, a large part was transferred in the 1950s to the Archive for
the History of the Jewish People in Jerusalem.
The BMD records remained in Vienna with the IKG and in the 1980s these
were microfilmed by the Family History Library. In recent years the
Holocaust Museum in Washington started to microfilm some of the
records pertaining to the period 1938-1945 and this project is still
going on. With the cooperation of people >from various institutions I
have compiled a short list of the type, location and accessibility of
the records and this article can be seen on the web page of the
Austria-Czech SIG, but you can go directly to:
Henry Wellisch

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