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It's been a while since I've posted anything on this SIG, so thought I should give
a recap of the families and places I'm researching. Also, I've been involved in at
least one recent transcription project which may be of some interest to fellow
members of this SIG. My families are all >from Moravia, and were primarily >from
Holesov: they are TAUBER, KNOPFELMACHER, and ZWILLINGER. >from Mahr. Weisskirchen
(now Hranice) and >from Leipnik, I am also researching ZERKOWITZ, also seen as
KOHN-ZERKOWITZ, and >from Prossnitz (now Prostejov), I am working on the BRULL and
LAZAR families. Additionally, I'm studying a number of ancestral families that
migrated >from western Hungary [now Slovakia] to Vienna, with the most notable

The KNOPFELMACHER and TAUBER families directly descend >from Rabbi Jehuda LOEW, the
Maharal of Prague. This line comes through the Maharal's granddaughter, Chava,
who married a BACHRACH. I am always interested in linking up with anyone doing
research on this particular rabbinical line.

I have been working with Sam Vass in transcribing Jewish records of Trencsen City,
Hungary [now Trencin, Slovakia]. These were recently microfilmed by the LDS
Church and were made available a few months ago. They are quite relevant to
anyone studying Moravian families because of a large influx of Moravian Jews into
that community in the late 1700s, early 1800s. I would be happy to share any of
my data with anyone who is interested.

As to the discussion of a couple of days ago, I too am on Facebook and have found
it useful in connecting with various other people who are researching similar
lines. But it is not designed to replace the very valuable exchanges on this SIG,
nor should it ever do so. On this SIG, I particularly enjoy the well-organized
and thoughtful messages produced by Celia Male and then the responses they inspire.

Best regards,

Robert (Bob) Hanscom
Andover, Massachusetts USA


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