Re: Family match help and DNA #dna

Arline and Sidney Sachs

About Scott Ehrlick's 3 message on 21 April 2014. He is right in stating
that Family Tree DNA is best company for genealogy usage. Beside being
the best for finding ones matches, there are other reasons it the best.
Some of them are they e-mail you when you have a new match without any
additional cost, by having many projects, and they stores your DNA for 25
years so when new tests are available after ones death, additional testing
can be done.

However Scott did have some wrong information in his last email. We have
46 chromosomes, 23 >from each parent that are pair off to make 23 pair of
chromosomes. One main problem in testing the chromosomes is the companies
do not know >from which parent any part of the DNA came >from except for a
male's X and Y chromosomes. One result of this is that a child may have a
reporting relationship closer then either of his parent to someone.

What I gathered >from his message, he family line is as followed:
great-grandfather/mother is Cohen/Newman
greatfather is Cohen
mother became an Ehrlick
If the above is correct, there may be a way of using of results >from the
autosomal testing who is >from the Newman line >from his mother results.
His mother got one quarter of her autosomal DNA >from each of her
grandparent. However, one of her X chromosomes is the one >from her father
which is the same as the one he received >from his mother. Therefore the
percentage on the X should be higher than >from the autosomal chromosomes.
I think since the testing companies do not use X chromosomes in their
matching processes, I think the best way of testing for the Newman line is

Sidney Sachs
Lorton, VA

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