Re: I tested - why don't we match? #dna


Scott Ehrlich wrote:

I recently saw Bennett Greenspan, the President of
talk at a local temple. He educated/reminded us that we have 22
chromosomes in our DNA that are autosomal. These 22 are used for
their Family Finder test, and it casts the widest net for matching you
to others who have also tested with the same company. It is also the

The Autosomall test is *the* test to take if nothing else.

We also have a 23rd chromosome - our sex chromosome.

For males, it is X Y. For females, it is X X.

Males, thus, can trace their strict male (father to son) line through
the Y-DNA test.

Males and females can test their strict maternal line through the
mtDNA test which uses the X chromosome.

There's are some inaccuracies here. We each have 46 chromosomes in 23
pairs. In each pair, we inherit one chromosome >from our father and one
from our mother.
The X chromosome, of which women have two and men have one, is
completely separate >from the mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA). A single copy
of mtDNA is passed >from a mother to all her children.

Elan Caspi
Belmont, CA

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