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Dana Dimitriu has a sad puzzle about the fate of her HALPERN family.
She writes: "My grand-father's sister, Antonie Else ROZSYPALOVA, born
TAMLER, in Zastavna, Bukowina, in May 1913, studied economics in Prague.
She was helped by her maternal uncle, Dr. Wilhelm HALPERN, born in
Kopyczynce, Galicia in 1890. Wilhelm HALPERN was a widower as his wife,
Laura NEUMANN (younger sister of Antonie Else's mother) died in 1928 in
Vienna, where the couple were living at the time. Wilhelm HALPERN moved to
Prague in 1932 and after the early and unexpected death of Antonie Else's
father in 1933 offered to take care of her and her sister's education as
he had no children of his own.....

from ITS Bad Arolsen I received the information that Else was deported from
Prague to Terezin on 8. Feb. 1942 and then >from Terezin to Izbica on 17
Mar.1942 and that the transport to Izbica she was on is considered to be a
death transport as only 3 people of 1000 survived it...
.. Wilhelm HALPERN is listed ... as being imprisoned in Dachau there and
having died in January 1941... Surprisingly, as being married and with
one child... >from the Jewish Museum in Prague I received information
about two ladies by the name of Halpern who lived at the same address so I
am now assuming that he married a second time and had a child (in 1940).

... the Jewish Museum mentioned the "registration numbers of Jews in the
Protectorate" can anyone tell me where I can find these registers -
I would expect to find more information there."

1. Registration numbers:

The answer to the registration numbers can be found in this article:

I would assume the Jewish Museum in Prague has all the details, but again
others on the Austria-Czech SIG may have more detailed information.

2. The Theresienstadt database:
confirms what the Jewish Museum, Prague told Dana about Antonie Else

3. Wilhelm HALPERN's second wife and child: [see above database]

Lilian HALPERNOVA was born in 1916. During the war she was deported with
Transport AAh >from Praha to Ujazdow on 10/06/1942.

Tatjana HALPERNOVA was born in 1940. During the war she was deported with
Transport AAh >from Praha to Ujazdow on 10/06/1942.

The address of mother and child was: Praha: XIII., Kralowitzer Strasse
1439 [XIII., Kralovicka 1439]

So little Tatjana and her young mother are the new family members Dana was
looking for.

I suspect the couple married in Prague [ca 1938/9], where one should be
able to find a maiden name.

4. Wilhelm HALPERN: It is very strange, but I cannot, as yet, find any
details of Wilhelm HALPERN deported *from* Prague, on Yad Vashem.
Could he have gone elsewhere first? Is he perhaps registered under Wolf
or another given name?

5. Wilhelm HALPERN's first wife Laura nee NEUMANN, died and was buried in
Vienna: HALPERN Laura aged 40 died 29 April 1928 buried 2. May 1928
Zentral Friedhof IV. Tor 16/8/50
Former address: Vienna 1200, Hainzelmanng. 7

6. Another Halpernova was deported >from Prague
Ruzena Halpernova - born 07.04.1880
Praha: XII., Gregrsstrasse 29 [XII., Gregrova 29]
transport AAt-58 (23.07.1942 Praha -> Terez=EDn)
transport AAz-23 (04.08.1942 Terez=EDn -> Maly Trostinec)

7. In the Prague conscriptions
I traced very few HALPERN families - they were all >from Galicia {Krakow/Buczacz
and Stanislau}

Finally, it would be nice if Dana wrote POTs for this tragic family on yad

Celia Male - London, U.K.

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