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In a message Dana Dimitriu asks where she can find the "registration
numbers of Jews in the Protectorate"

I know that the TEREZIN MEMORIAL / PAMATNIK TEREZIN in Terezin/Cz holds
two seperate lists of all the jews registered in the Protectorate.

In a Jewish census of Oct. 1939  the Jews in the Protectorate were
counted. Not all of the so called "non-mosaic" jews included.

So in1940 all the Jews who were considered Jewish by the Nazis
(Nuremberg Laws) had to register with the Jewish Communities in the
Protectorate. A name list  (B-List) of these people was put together
(more than 12000 people).

In October 1941 the two lists were put together into one final name list
of over 88000 people.

You can visit tTerezin Memorial website which is in Czech and English:

You either use their contact form:

or use this e-mail.


I last contacted them several years ago but can remember that they
replied within a few days.

Best regards
Peter Zimmer, Muenster, Germany

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