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Randy Schoenberg wrote: " I sent the following query to
institute@..., in case anyone on the list knows another
way to get answers.

My great-grandfather Siegmund ZEISL was supposedly deported
with Transport IV/4 >from Wien to Terezin on 15/07/1942, and then
deported with Transport Bp >from Terezin to Treblinka on 21/09/1942.

Is it possible to obtain copies of the records (transport
lists) that identify my great-grandfather as being on these
I too have a great uncle and aunt who were sent to Treblinka.
Adolf Theumann, born 1864, and his wife Rosa Theumann nee Hirsch born
1872 were sent >from Terezin to Treblinka Oct. 19, 1942 on Transport

In 2002 I received copies of their original  transport cards (Ustredni
Kartoteka -Transporty) >from the "Federation of the Jewish comunities in
the Czech Republic".
Theses cards give the last address, transport and transport number to
Terezin and transport number to Treblinka.
In 2002 there was no e-mail address for the Federation, only the address
I wrote to and >from where I received the cards.

Maislova 18
POB 297
11001 Praha 1
Czech Republic

I see they now do have an e-mail contact:

Federation of Jewish Communities in Czech Republic

Maiselova 18
110 01 Praha 1
Tel: +420/ 224 800 824
Fax: +420/ 224 810 912
E-mail: sekretariat@...

Randy Scoenberg can send his query there.

Peter Zimmer, Muenster, Germany

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