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Dear friends
I have a new query, My grandfathers name was Jean LOEFF (with umlaut) born in
Holleschau they married in Wien he was son of Abraham (Adolf)and Katherina
LOEFF >from Holleschau they had 6 children 5 boys and one girl one of
them was my father the other one was Paul who was deported the same as
Viktor and my grandparents all 4 died in the Holocaust, Walter and Fritz and
my father Tobias save their lives because they fled >from Wien to
Shanghay. Bertha the only girl save to England.
Some days ago I asked you about Carlos Loeff son of Fritz my unknown Cousin
which with your help I can tell you all now I have found, I only know he is
alive and its suppose he should make contact with me with G'ds help in the
next days.( so I sincerely hope he do.)
But my new query is the following my grandfather Jean had two brothers one
was Wilhelm and the other one was Karl I think Karl(1867) was a very wealthy
man he was married with Anna(1868) and he lived at 1090 Lichtensteistrasse 65
in Wien a wonderful place, I know they are both buried in the
Zentralfriedhof(T4-20-20-27) but they don't have any gravestone on it,
because they died 1942 and this was forbidden for Jews.
I think that one Mitzwah I should do would be in the future to put this
gravestones for them, but first I want to know something about them
principally why if he was so wealthy he never had any contact with my
grandfather who with 6 children had it so difficult.
So my question is how can I know who was this man Karl Loeff, did they lost
any child or were they alone, which was his work, why this family
isolation,why could they stay in Wien till 1942 till they died why didn't
they be deported before as the rest perhaps they were ill, well I need
to know about Karl and Anna....
any suggestion about this gr uncle will be very appreciated.

Best Regards
Herbert John Loeff

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