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E. Randol Schoenberg

I received two responses >from the Terezin Memorial Archive. Alice
Berankova,, told me that they did not have the
transport list >from Vienna and to Treblinka. They only have a computerized
database of the Theresienstadt index cards for each inmate (the original of
which I received >from Jude Richter,, of USHMM >from the
Bad Arolsen ITS files). I have replied and asked Ms. Berankova if she can
make a file >from her database of all the people on each of the transports
that I am researching.

Tomas Federovic,, of the history department of
the Terezin Memorial Archive told me that they do not possess any transport
lists, but suggested that I contact Yad Vashem for the Vienna-Theresienstadt
transport (IV/4) and the National Archive in Prague for the
Theresienstadt-Treblinka transport (Bp). He also referred me to the book of
Zdenko Lederer, Ghetto Theresienstadt. London: E. Goldston, 1953. 275p.

Our own Hans Peter Grab came up with the only explanation so far for the
change >from Maly Trostinec to Treblinka for Transport Bp. He says that in
1989 when the Berlin wall fell, German railroad records became available that
allowed researchers to determine that the destination was Treblinka. What exactly
these records were and who made the determination, I don't know yet.

Finally, I should correct my previous posting. The Vienna-Theresienstadt
Transport IV/4 left on July 14, 1942 and arrived on July 15, 1942, so it is
referred to by both those dates, depending on the perspective.

Randy Schoenberg
Los Angeles, CA

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